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Adinkra Printmaking

​Each participant will select one or more designs based on traditional Adinkra motifs samples provided by instructor.  Students will carve designs based on traditional African motifs and then apply them to prints on cloth and paper. Projects may then be embellished using beads, threads, shells, stones and other found objects.

Cartoon Clinic​


​Tap into your natural creativity during this open studio format. Students will work at their own pace creating characters images and story lines.  Each session participants observe professional artist, VET, demonstrate in a specific techniques and tools used by industry cartoonist.  They will then create storyboards and character portraits. Students must have keen interest in drawing, as there will be lot and lots of practice sketching. Young artist welcome to bring in drawings and sketches for portfolio review.

Found / Altered Art

​Let’s create something extraordinary combining techniques in collage, de-collage and assemblage then apply them to paper, wood and/or metal surfaces. In this workshop, we will explore the creative process of recycling found objects by innovative means to build individual works of art. Instructor will provide a selection of objects and embellishments to create altered artwork.

Book Art Sculptures

​Participants will use the principles of construction and sculpture using hard and soft back books to design, build and embellish their individual Book Art Project. Each student will combine the unyielding precision of mathematics with the allusive aesthetics of art form. Young sculptors will fold, manipulate, cut and glue pages to transform the books original shapes. Students may create their own design or select from a number of simplified projects provided by mixed media instructor, VET.  These may include wall hanging, bookends, ottoman, tray, stand, rack or other available designs.

Mini Mosaics

​​This is another opportunity for students to transform geometric shapes into intricate patterns of delight. Whether experienced or novice, each mosaic experience is sure bring delight and surprise upon completion. VET will provide various textured surfaces of stone, glass, tile, shells and other found objects.  After selecting a design, each person creates 2-D and 3-D mosaic masterpieces. Projects may include a glass sphere, flower pot and a number plaque.

Other suggested workshops:
Paper Crafts

Plastic Water Bottle Art

Jewelry and Accessories

Mini Art Quilts
Fabric Pouches
Soft Sculptures

Rainforest Fun




Special Projects: 

Murals/Fence Weaving

*Detailed lesson plans provided upon request after booking.

Note: Bookings can be paid by check, direct deposit or through PayPal.

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